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At Eastport, we aim to be your keel, as on a boat – your point of balance, giving you directional stability. We help you get beyond thinking of money as the deep and unpredictable water you’re in. With our knowledge as your ballast, money can be the body that buoys you, propelling your good and purpose-rich life.

Teen Challenge

Teen Challenge Thank You

We are so incredibly grateful for the people in our lives here at TC!!!! We are thankful that our friend, Jonathan Lewis has been bringing the "3S's" (Steak, Sports and Servants Hearts) to us for several years. We appreciate the friends that he has brought and partnered with to make it one of the most anticipated evenings of our students programs! The fellowship,encouragement and time that you share is an amazing gift. The steaks are an added bonus; thank you from the bottom of our hearts (and stomachs)!"



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