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Saving isn’t just a matter of spending less. It’s directed, future-forward action. Spend less and save more, yes—but strategically choose its container to grow it and keep it from getting commandeered by the tax man.

Some mechanisms of saving are in harmony with your goals, setting aside your money in a way that’s accessible as life unfolds. Others are punitive tipping points that can start to form a current against you.



Planning For Retirement in Canada

We manage the risk of saving, watching for diversification—literally keeping you from putting too many eggs in one basket.

As we always do, we begin by exploring your tolerance for risk, and choosing how and where you’re saving so we can put your money to work.



Building a pool of capital starts at zero not in terms of money—if we’re future-thinking adults, most of us begin saving with assets we’d like to grow—but in terms of habit, mindset, and strategy.

The goal is to invest a higher proportion of dollars per dollars earned, and to structure that passive capital to be tax efficient.

For personal saving, many people opt for a blend of RRSPs, TFSAs, open accounts, or cash value permanent life insurance. Incorporated people can use their companies as a holding pen for financial growth, setting up Immediate Finance Arrangements (IFAs) to build further wealth with capital inside insurance policies. Or perhaps an individual pension plan (IPP) or a retirement compensation arrangement (RCA), which is like a high-horsepower RRSP with no ceiling.



To transfer wealth from one generation to the next, you need a scaffolding of protection around your financial life.

There are many levers at our disposal, but one of the most vivid is that of mitigating how much money you and your legacy lose to tax. We work in unison with your accountant and lawyer to design and empower your money to amplify and transfer wealth.

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On Saving Money with Cy Korun
“I already have a bulk of capital saved, but feel it’s not doing enough for me. What’s your approach to the right strategy?”


“Whether it’s open accounts, incorporation, a sole proprietorship, or a blend, your savings scheme is the scaffolding for your near-term flow and long-term legacy. We balance investments and tax implications with your business and personal goals, preserving your wealth for impact today and across generations.”



“Saved money makes money. I know that, but there are so many opportunities to spend it, especially in my business. What’s the path to divert enough to make a difference?”


“It’s not intuitive to balance lifestyle and saving. We can help, interpreting your inputs and outputs to line up with your goals. First, protect what you’ve got. Then pay off debt and live within your means. The more you save, the less tax you pay — that’s more money in-hand. To save is to self-perpetuate growth.”




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