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At Eastport, we aim to be your keel, as on a boat – your point of balance, giving you directional stability. We help you get beyond thinking of money as the deep and unpredictable water you’re in. With our knowledge as your ballast, money can be the body that buoys you, propelling your good and purpose-rich life.

Financial Planning

Retiring with mortgage

Things To Consider When Retiring With A Mortgage In Canada

While retirement is a time for celebration it is also a time for reflection. Ideally, upon retiring we all want to enjoy life to the fullest, especially, after all the years of hard work and sacrifices we have made. However, all of this isn’t possible if you are getting close to retirement but still have substantial debt.

Mortgage Free

Effective Strategies for Paying Off Your Mortgage Early

It is the dream of every Canadian to have their own house or property where they can spend the rest of their lives happily raising future generations. However, in these economically oppressing times, buying property, especially in Canada, is becoming exceedingly difficult.

Navigating Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

Navigating Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) in Canada

The stock market has long been a way to make additional income, with some investors making significant gains on their investments. However, stocks tend to be volatile, especially in today’s economic climate.

Compound Growth

How To Take Advantage Of Compound Growth?

Compound growth is an often reliable and secure way of expanding your wealth, by making an investment where the return you get grows and grows with each payout.

Tightrope walker

Strategic Portfolio Management: Creating a Balance

When it comes to investments, there’s no doubt it’s important to look at the return on investment, but when you’re considering the overall investment or enterprise, you need to think beyond that.

quarterly report September 2023

Matthew Jenkinson, President of the Eastport Private Investment Counsel, provides our September 2023 Video Quarterly Update.

In this Video Quarterly Report, Matthew dives into Benchmarking and why it is important for an investment portfolio. He also provides an economic update with a discussion around a Bar chart of the 5-year yield from 1990-2011 vs 2011 to present.

Corporate Class Mutual Funds

Understanding Corporate Class Mutual Funds: A Hidden Gem in Investment

If you are seeking a tax-efficient option for your non-registered investments, Corporate Class Mutual Funds might just be a gem of an investment for you. Those of you that are seeking to actively reduce your tax burden are likely already investing heavily in Registered Retirement Saving Plans (RRSPs) and Tax-Free Saving Accounts (TFSAs). However, these accounts have limitations and depending on your income level may only be able to shield a fraction of your income from taxes.

Real Estate Investment Trusts

A Deep Dive into Canadian Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Real Estate Investment Trusts, or ‘REITs’ for short, are a great way for investors to expand their investment portfolio and include real estate, without having to own, manage, or finance any actual real estate property.

However, like any other investment, it pays to do your research and you should be aware of the dynamics of your investment. To that end, we will be discussing REITs in detail today, including what factors to look at depending on the type of REIT you’re investing in.

We’ll also discuss the benefits of REITs and some other key considerations you should keep in mind before you decide to invest.

Inflation on groceries

How Does Inflation Impact Your Retirement?

After battling Covid19, the world today is faced with a new type of threat - an all-out inflation pandemic! Every day, we hear news of prices soaring for even basic commodities, such as food and clothing, and many families struggling to make ends meet. Almost everything today is more expensive than it once was and that is due in part to inflation.

Executor Or Trustee For My Estate

How Do I Choose An Executor Or Trustee For My Estate?

One of the hardest decisions to make in succession planning involves choosing who to appoint as an Executor or Trustee for your estate. Many wealthy Canadians often make the mistake of appointing a family member or members as executors of their will. While this may seem like a good decision at the time many experts say otherwise.

When Should You Work With A Financial Advisor?

When Should You Work With A Financial Advisor?

Financial planning pertains to managing one’s liquid cash, as well as, savings and investments. However, it goes beyond that. Financial planning takes into account taxes, budgeting, insurance, mortgages, retirement planning, estate planning, and much more to help you achieve your intended financial goals.

Responsible investing

How Can I Use My Wealth For Social & Environmental Good?

Today, more and more wealthy investors are giving importance to aligning their investments with their values rather than the pursuit of profits. This form of investing is referred to as responsible investing and can be categorized into three main categories; Socially-Responsible Investing (SRI), Impact Investing, and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing.

Risk Tolerance & Investment Goals?

How Can I Determine My Risk Tolerance & Investment Goals?

What is your risk tolerance? You are probably wondering how I should know? But that’s the wrong question. The real question is, how can I know?

Determining how much risk an individual can tolerate isn’t as easy as you would imagine. Several factors, such as age, experience, priorities, investment goals, and amount of available liquid capital, can all influence the level of risk a person would be willing to take.

Financial Planning for Healthcare Professionals

Financial Planning for Healthcare Professionals

Doctors, surgeons, and other specialized healthcare professionals have arguably some of the toughest and most demanding jobs in the world. Late working hours, chaotic schedules, and little to no personal life are just the way things are for most healthcare professionals. Luckily, the healthcare profession is just as gratifying as it is demanding.

10 Advantages Of Mutual Funds

10 Advantages Of Mutual Funds

For investors seeking to diversify their investment portfolio, mutual funds are a viable option. Let’s learn why?

Treasury bonds

What Are Fixed Income Investments?

“Fixed income investments” is a broad term referring to different types of investment securities that give investors fixed dividends or interest payments, until a specified maturity date.

Upon maturity, investors are paid back the principal amount that had been invested. In practice, the most common types of fixed-income investments are government and corporate bonds.

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