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Matthew Jenkinson

Matthew Jenkinson

CFA, CKA, BSc. Fin. ​magna cum laude.  

Matt was born and raised in Somerset West, South Africa. He attended Brevard Community College and Southeastern University in Lakeland Florida as a college golf athlete and graduated with a BSc in Finance, magna cum laude. Matt is also a CFA Charterholder.

He is a dedicated family man with reasonable DIY skills and lives with his beautiful wife Megan and precious daughter Paige and son Bennett. They currently reside in Fall River, NS. He enjoys golf, fishing, and building memories with family.

Having been raised in South Africa, a third world country, he was affected by the number of homeless children in the town he lived in and the unfathomable circumstances in which a significant portion of the population helplessly lived and the significant abuse they were exposed to.

As such he has a well-founded perspective on poverty and has been involved in numerous homeless, children’s, and support ministries since his teens. He believes his purpose in life is to help woman and children in need; particularly to protect them. His life is built on the firm foundation of his faith which he brings to all facets of his life; family, friends, and business.


Phone: 902.474.5433
E-Mail: mjenkinson@eastportfinancial.com
Address: 371 St. Margaret's Bay Road Ste 201, Halifax, NS, B3N 1J8



Do you have money, or does money have you?

We add meaning to financial flow to help you live with purpose.



At Eastport, people come to us for investments, insurance, retirement, and estate planning.

Since 2000
Our clients stay for the purpose and life we help them unlock – with the expertise of heavy-hitters plus the fine attention of a boutique. But it’s about more than stewarding your wealth.
The numbers are the easy part. We expect more of money, beyond the red and the black. We are endlessly curious about life’s interplay of friction and forward motion. This is the space in which we work.
With the right people alongside you, you don’t just get better answers. You get better questions.

We are Eastport. This is where we begin.

Grow – Investments



Build capital across generations. Your holistic, balanced portfolio is unique – with no big-bank attachments – and designed for your best return.


Protect – Insurance



Structure your wealth for lasting impact. Custom proceed streams for funding, gifting, or savings will ensure your healthy assets and lifestyle no matter what.


Save – Retirement



Energize your time and relationships with well-planned income. It’s not just about unlocking the end of daily work. It’s a strategy for peak fulfilment and vitality.


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Life Events

Through life’s big moments — as family grows and shifts, in illness or loss, or to stage new opportunities — responsive wealth is best for outflow and sharing.


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Andrew Parrott


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Money is the flow of life. How does the moment you’re in — your challenges or your opportunities — confront you? How might it extend your life’s purpose, if you rise to it? What do you want for the rest of your life, and how could this moment embody that? As your guides, these questions are where we begin. Welcome to Eastport. Let’s have a conversation to get started.
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