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Jonathan Lewis

Jonathan Lewis

BComm Finance, CKA.

Jonathan Lewis is the president of Eastport Financial Group Inc.. He authored two books, Deep Water (2018), and More Than Money (2021). His More than Money podcast speaks to the stewardship of all our assets, from our time and talent to our agency, purpose, and responsibility. He is the dedicated husband to Sara Lewis and father of two beautiful daughters. From his home in Nova Scotia, Canada, Jonathan’s vibrant drive to further his faith, family, community, philanthropy and entrepreneurialism has been constant through his life.

At any given time, Jonathan and Sara are invested in at least one or two start-up enterprises. Keen to boost the mindsets, lives, and potential of others, he also volunteers, raises funds, and advocates for charities and community ventures that model strong Christian values locally, nationally, and internationally. As an accomplished public speaker, Jonathan delivers a message of compassion, challenging other entrepreneurs and business owners to never settle for average outcomes, but to step outside the ordinary for greater personal and professional impact.


In every situation, I’m looking to break through narratives that limit our imagination and possibility. Our talents are God-given, but it’s up to us to put them to work.”


At some point in our lives, we all reach a point when we wonder why we’re here. We might be facing insurmountable odds or feel overwhelmed by what life is throwing at us. I hit that point as a young man. In addition to the calling of helping you, I do whatever I can to help at-risk youth and the fatherless, and to fight for justice for those who can’t. I want to be a point of positive change for you as well as for anyone who needs to know they’re not alone. Hope heals hearts. As a steward of your wealth, I’ll encourage you to take the time to discover your purpose, and we’ll go forward together with your own WHY leading the way.”


Phone: 902.474.5433
E-Mail: jlewis@eastportfinancial.com
Address: 371 St. Margaret's Bay Road Ste 201, Halifax, NS, B3N 1J8






More Than Money – Jonathan's new book on stewardship


More Than Money BookJoin Jonathan Lewis on a journey to giving beyond the tithe. As someone who deals with affluent families for a living, early in his faith journey, Jonathan was convicted on how he managed his own money and giving.

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Listen to the podcast

Jonathan on the Faytene Show: Navigating Our Current Economy



Jonathan had the opportunity to be on 100 Huntley Street. Learn more about his "why".


Watch Jonathan and Sara Lewis' interview at the Kingdom Advisors Conference 2020.






Do you have money, or does money have you?

We add meaning to financial flow to help you live with purpose.



At Eastport, people come to us for investments, insurance, retirement, and estate planning.

Since 2000
Our clients stay for the purpose and life we help them unlock – with the expertise of heavy-hitters plus the fine attention of a boutique. But it’s about more than stewarding your wealth.
The numbers are the easy part. We expect more of money, beyond the red and the black. We are endlessly curious about life’s interplay of friction and forward motion. This is the space in which we work.
With the right people alongside you, you don’t just get better answers. You get better questions.

We are Eastport. This is where we begin.

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Build capital across generations. Your holistic, balanced portfolio is unique – with no big-bank attachments – and designed for your best return.


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Structure your wealth for lasting impact. Custom proceed streams for funding, gifting, or savings will ensure your healthy assets and lifestyle no matter what.


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Energize your time and relationships with well-planned income. It’s not just about unlocking the end of daily work. It’s a strategy for peak fulfilment and vitality.


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Life Events

Through life’s big moments — as family grows and shifts, in illness or loss, or to stage new opportunities — responsive wealth is best for outflow and sharing.


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Jonathan Lewis

Jonathan Lewis


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Money is the flow of life. How does the moment you’re in — your challenges or your opportunities — confront you? How might it extend your life’s purpose, if you rise to it? What do you want for the rest of your life, and how could this moment embody that? As your guides, these questions are where we begin. Welcome to Eastport. Let’s have a conversation to get started.
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